• FLEXLAB® helped Genetech with a new, state-of-the-art building that uses 70 percent less energy, per person, as a result.

  • FLEXLAB® and the Future of Energy Efficiency - by Genentech

  • FLEXLAB® recently celebrated its two-year anniversary and is steadily processing projects designed to help builders save money and energy.

  • Four large test beds (one rotating, one two-story, two single story) allow a variety of testing scenarios using large-scale mockups.

  • FLEXLAB is the brainchild of our nation’s leading energy experts at Berkeley Lab – the home of energy efficiency innovations that have saved Americans billions of dollars.

  • FLEXLAB -- Facility for Low-Energy Experiments in Buildings -- allows users to test energy efficient building systems individually, or as a unit, under real-world conditions.

The Department of Energy's FLEXLAB® at Berkeley Lab is the most flexible, comprehensive and advanced building efficiency simulator in the world, and is unleashing the full potential of improved energy efficiency in buildings. FLEXLAB lets users test energy-efficient building systems individually or as an integrated system, under real-world conditions. FLEXLAB test beds can monitor and assess HVAC, lighting, windows, building envelope, control systems, and plug loads, in any combination. Users can test alternatives, perform cost-benefit analyses, and ensure a building will be as efficient as possible — before construction or retrofitting even begins. FLEXLAB is the latest in Berkeley Lab’s long line of game-changing energy efficiency innovations.

FLEXLAB was recently featured in a documentary about buildings that produce and store more energy than they consume. Check it out at: "Building Below Zero: The Net Zero Plus Transformation"

Download our new case study on frequency regulation, below. For additional case studies, please visit: flexlab.lbl.gov/what-we-offer