Test Chambers

Test Chambers

What FLEXLAB® Can Do for You

FLEXLAB® is the first testbed in the world that can evaluate the energy efficiency of major building systems, as an integrated system, under real-world conditions. Stakeholders can evaluate energy-efficient building technologies individually or as integrated systems in advance of building projects or retrofits, in order to:

Steve Greenberg, Henry Coles, and Gerald Robinson set up the Genentech experiment

  • Optimize integrated systems to maximize energy savings
  • Ensure occupant comfort and user-friendliness
  • Verify cost-benefit numbers
  • Build confidence in new technologies


  • Four large testbeds: These include one that rotates, allowing a variety of testing scenarios, including under different solar orientations.
  • Comparison testing: Each testbed has two identical cells allowing side-by-side tests for comparisons of energy efficiency technologies.
  • FLEXGRID: Photovoltaics, batteries, inverters, grid simulation and emulation to evaluate technologies and controls that span both the supply and demand sides of the grid.
  • Interchangeable elements: Testers can swap out windows, walls, skylights, floors, lighting, HVAC systems and other elements.
  • Test-drive technologies: Users can evaluate different technologies for HVAC systems, lighting, windows, building envelope, control systems and plug loads, under local conditions or simulating thermal loads of other climates.
  • Lighting and plug-load occupied testbed: Measures energy and technology performance, evaluating more subjective factors, such as visual comfort and user-friendliness.
  • Granular power measurement and controls: Every outlet has its own electrical circuit and power metering.
  • High accuracy sensors and instrumentation: Thousands of sensors are installed throughout the facility, including ones embedded in the building structure.