Clean Energy Leadership Institute Visits Lab

September 29, 2017

A group of officials from the Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI) recently visited Berkeley Lab to tour FLEXLAB® and meet with scientists about ongoing research.

The visitors were brought here by Sam Fernandes, program manager in Building Technology & Urban Systems. Fernandes was part of the first San Francisco CELI Fellowship cohort and completed the leadership program at the Institute in June 2017. CELI officials later toured the Lab in July 2017. Fernandes said his Fellowship experience gave him a very holistic understanding of the energy industry from grid to batteries, storage and efficiency. He also had the opportunity to meet representatives from CEC, CPUC, Tesla, Solar Cities and people working in all areas of the industry. The 4-month leadership training program is supported by the Lab.

Two CELI visitors who toured the Lab shared their impressions.

"The LBL tour was awesome, I really appreciated the opportunity to get an inside look at the research and tools behind technology we find in industry. I was particularly impressed with FLEXLAB's, well ... flexibility and integrated systems based approach. Wow, so many sensors- measure all the things!" — Cecilio Aponte, CELI SF Fellow Spring 2017
"The visit to Berkeley Labs helped me gain a better perspective of the mass amounts of data we had discussed in CELI's spring session classes. Having worked mostly on the marketing side of the clean tech industry, it was inspiring to see the R&D contributing to the improvement of clean energy technologies." — Hannah Bouscher-Gage, CELI SF Fellow Spring 2017

The Clean Energy Leadership Institute is a leadership development organization based in Washington, D.C. and the San Francisco Bay Area. CELI provides early career professionals with the technical content, leadership development and professional community to build the next generation of clean energy leaders. CELI recruits Fellows with diverse backgrounds and equips them with a strong working knowledge of energy markets, project finance, technology innovation and public policy, realized through the Clean Energy Leaders Fellowship program.